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妈妈的朋友1-4 相关解答

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剧情介绍:  根据英国作家格林的同名小说改编。纳粹占领时期的法国人。因为纳粹为了报复游击队的袭击,抓了一批人质,其中抽到死签的将被处决。主人公抽到了死签,但表示要以自己的财产换取替代者,有一个身患绝症的小伙子同意交换,条件是主人公用自己的财产照料他的家人。后来主人公与小伙子的姐姐走到了一起。  该片讲的是德军入侵法国的故事. 残暴的德军肆意在巴黎的街道上逮捕行人, 把他们带去他们的集中营,进行他们的杀人游戏.  故事的男主角是镇上有名的律师, 有自己的律师事务所, 有宏伟的别墅, 家财万贯, 却独身一人. 一天午餐后, 他不幸被逮捕送去了可怕的集中营. 一路上, 他拿出他有钱人的质疑, 一直在反抗. 结果不说也知道, 挨了一顿打的他和其他人一样住进了三十人一间的牢房里. 他仍不相信这样的事实, 不安分的他一直和同伴们抱怨.  游戏终于开始了. "你们每十个人中要死一个, 这次你们自己选出三个来, 明天一早执行枪决." 他们面面相觑, 却很平静. 最后商议的结果是抓阄, 大家很默然, 麻木, 只有他一直处于极度的恐惧和不安中. 他用颤抖的双手小心翼翼的打开他用自己的手抓来的这张纸条, 只需一眼就知道了自己的命运, 他抽到了最后一个叉号.  他害怕了, 愤怒了.开始大声叫唤, 没有人理他, 这是他的命. 他开始喃喃自语, 开始想办法挽救他的生命. "谁跟我换, 我给他十万法郎." 没有人啃声. 他声音颤抖, 面目狰狞, 一遍一遍的说. "别傻了,谁会拿生命去换金钱." "就是, 没有生命了还要金钱干什么?" "你能不能安静点, 每个人都得死." 突然角落里的一个声音蹦出来"如果你的价码再多一些的话, 我会考虑."还伴着两声咳嗽声. 那是个面黄肌瘦, 身体羸弱的年轻人, 有气无力的躺在冰冷的地上. "我还有房产和花园, 我都给你.我把我所有的资产都给你, 总共三十万法郎." 律师迫不及待的说. 年轻人听后很满意, "我要把他们留给我的妈妈和姐姐, 我要让村子里的人都羡慕他们. 我要立个遗嘱." 就在他们忙着立遗嘱,写财产转让书,并找了两个人做为公证人签名做证时, 其他人都傻眼了..... 。
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剧情介绍:  A most pleasingly atmospheric rendition of the tale, noirishly photographed and moodily set, this is the version which probably would have delighted Conan Doyle the most. There is one important plot change which enables the beautiful Alice Brandt to enjoy both a larger role and a more intriguing part in the proceedings. This change also builds up the parts of Dr Mortimer and Lord Charles, yet at the same time provides a nice introduction to the is-he-sinister or is-he-a-good-guy Barrymore, deftly played here by Fritz Rasp.  Despite the sting of its well-developed story, the spellbindingly atmospheric direction and the engrossing performances delivered by the entire cast, many fans may find this version somewhat disappointing. For at least three reasons: As in the novel, the part played in the narrative by Sherlock Holmes, though vital, is minimal. And in this version, not only has no attempt been made to enlarge his role, if anything both writer and director do their best to minimize it. Holmes does not even make his entrance for half-an-hour, and when he does finally appear, he has his back to the camera. It is Fritz Odemar, as Dr Watson, who receives the more favorable camera angles. And there is a purpose in this. It is Watson, not Holmes, who figures as the main protagonist of The Hound of the Baskervilles. For the bulk of the narrative, Holmes disappears. It is Watson and Lord Henry (Peter Voss) who take up the running. The movie is almost over, before Holmes closes in on the villain. And even so, this is not the obsessed, self-important Holmes we are accustomed to see taking charge. Another problem is that the title hound itself does not figure a great deal in the action, a downgrading which will undoubtedly rate as another major disappointment for fans. And finally, it could be argued that the script gives too much attention to Conan Doyle's red herring, the escaped convict, and not enough to the real villain.  This said, it must surely be admitted by all, that Odemar's interpretation of Watson—intelligent, charming, level-headed, courageous and resourceful—is much closer to Conan Doyle's conception than either the bungling, inveterately stupid Nigel Bruce or the self-effacing Ian Fleming.  One other player deserves special mention: Erich Ponto (Dr Winkel in The Third Man) who seems exactly right for Stapleton. A difficult part, superbly played.  - JohnHowardReid, imdb
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